Monday, August 18, 2014

santa cruz beach boardwalk

it's been a while since i hung out with lianne, pierce, and my parents - time to go on some rides and to the beach!  aaron came with us, but first he ran 9 miles around santa cruz.  lianne loves roller coasters and rides - she wanted to go on some of the bigger roller coasters, but she wasn't tall enough.  two more inches!  she should be able to ride them next year.  pierce on the other hand just went on a handful of rides.  all he wanted to do was go play on the beach and eat ice cream.  :)  pierce felt brave and went on the water ride with us.  before the ride went down, he put on lianne's sweatshirt and covered his face with the hood.  haha. his reward was playing on the beach.

pierce loved this ride - went on it 3 times

love this pic of thanhha and lianne

this boy loves his ice cream

can you find pierce?  haha

pierce's job - catch some fish!

mom loved this ride

pierce did not enjoy this ride

heading home